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The Story

The Struggle to survive puppy adolescence

Emmy award-winning journalist, Elena Mannes, was desperately trying to salvage her latest relationship. This time with her new puppy, Brio. And she needs a hero—preferably one who speaks dog. Trained in the rational, investigative approach to problem solving, she calls on a vast array of experts, from celebrity dog trainers to scientists and animal psychics, for help. Yet what begins with an attempt to correct her would-be companion’s behavior soon grows into a deeper desire to understand him. 




Learning an Unspoken Language 
Compelled by her insatiable curiosity, she follows a trail of surprising —even miraculous events—that challenge her skeptical nature as she glimpses the true nature of animals. She explores how much dogs really know about their humans, the different ways in which they communicate with us, and what it takes to become a dog whisperer. Soul Dog chronicles her investigation, as she discovers what it means to form a profound bond with the animals in our lives.

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